Water Blocking Yarn

Cable Yarn

Industry Definition

  Water-blocking Yarn (Cable Yarn, CY for short) is a kind of absorption ability of Yarn, mainly used for coating protection Cable, optical Cable, communication Cable or fiber optic Cable in outside wall to limit moisture into the Cable.

Analysis of industry product characteristics

  Generally, the cable is laid underground in the wet area, and when the cable is damaged, the water will enter into the cable from the damaged point.For copper cables, water reduces signal strength because the capacitance changes; For optical cable, if the water is frozen in the cable, it will cause too much pressure on the optical element, which can greatly affect the transmission of light.General requirements for water-blocking yarn has higher tensile strength, longitudinal elongation, long-term heat stability, instantaneous thermal stability, expansion rate and height, lower surface resistance and volume resistance characteristics.

Water-blocking yarn can block water because of containing absorbent resin component, when the water into the cable, it can quickly put the water absorption, and through the expansion effect, blocking the water from the damaged point and cavity closed immediately, water cannot penetrate further. Water blocking type cable is essential for water-blocking cable material, absorbing water quickly, high expansion ratio, and the advantages of resistance to tension stress, can instead of the commonly used ribbon and ointment or water-blocking tape, especially for pipeline, directly buried cable and the cable in water can provide more full and lasting protection, it is one of the best materials cable internal longitudinal resistance of water.In recent years, with the slow growth production of China's fiber optic and cable , the growth rate of the water retardant yarn industry has also been slowing down.

Performance Standard

Cable Yarn Performance Standard

  Note: Daniel: each 9000 meters of yarn is heavy. Tex: every 1000 metres of yarn is heavy. Dtex: every 1000 metres of yarn is heavy.

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